Oct 20, 2011

ehh.aku tgk cite KOREA? =.='

ni yg aku syok sgt nak cite nih.aku ni bkn minat sgt korean's drama nihh.tapii,aku minat gler drama nih :DD xyah la aku cite sinopsis dye.yg pntg,cite ni romantik abes.aku suka aku suka ! tp ada je prob diaa.aku x jmpa episod 4,8 and 9 :( syg abes wooo.
ni la pelakon2 utama dia :P
tae kyung:D ensem tpi ego!
heroin dye.go mi nam :D aint she's cute?
its shin woo.kesian dye :(
its jeremy :)
okay la okay laa.aku gtau dye nye sinopsis laaa:)

The leader of the band, Hwang Tae Kyung , who doesn’t like anyone or anything, treats “Mi Nam” badly. He shuns her and anything she does. She, of course, is clumsy and causes a lot of mishaps which don’t actually make the guy like her at all. There are two other members, Jeremy and Kang Shin Woo. Shin Woo and Tae Kyung actually end up falling for her as does Jeremy, but he doesn’t realize “Mi Nam” is a girl until much later. Mi Nyu loves Tae Kyung and only thinks of the other two as friends, though.

Mi Nyu has to go through a lot in the drama, 16 episodes, in order to keep her secret, well, a secret. In doing so, she tries to find the mother she never knew and discovers what love is. She also has to deal with anti-fans, a pop singer who’s in love with Tae Kyung, and producing a solo album.

This drama was so much fun to watch. I love all the characters! Tae Kyung has a serious OCD problem and I loved watching him overly clean self. Not to mention, I’m a Jang Geun Suk fan, he’s so cute. Jeremy was a complete mess for the first few episodes. He thought he was gay for a while so it was pretty funny. Shin Woo is one of those hopeless romantic guys that you like for a while, but then it gets really old. I thought the acting was good, too. They all have their own little tics that make their characters; for example: Tae Kyung calls Mi Nyu a “pig-rabbit” and he always scrunches his lips up when he’s thinking.

Oct 19, 2011

MEMORY yeahh :)

tadii,aku WALL-TO-WALL dgn ex-SENIOR sekolah rendah.waaa rindunya kat skolahh.hurmm.lama tak g ctu~sklh tu bnyk sgt jasa kat akuu~aku ni la yg lupa daratab kot.sbb lama dh x g sana.haaa.PMR dh abes.apa pk2 g?
ni dia skolah aku.
skolah aku kecik je.kayu lak tuh.tapi,sklh tu bnyk mengajar aku sal kehidupan.bnyk sgt.entahh.tapi,skolah tu gak la yg bnyk wat aku fobia.haaaa.smua cite sdeh mula dari situ~

GOOD-looking guys are for GOOD-looking girls.TRUE MUCH?

A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE is just soooo amazing! fantastic! iloike.a-not-really-good-looking-girl can get a good-looking guy.this movie shows it!
ain't they look sweet together?
its nam.the heroin.before and after.
as for me,*a-not-good-looking-girl* appearance is not the MATTER.its your heart.idk.your choose.

kangen meh :)

waaaaaa.lama dh x tulis kan? ,I AM OFFICLLY bukan calon pmr g! happy gilerrr,tu la psl.program yg skolah wat BORINGGGGGGGGGGG gilerrr.ishh.sbb tu la aku wat cuti sendiri.ahaha.tiap ari gotong--royong.ishhh.pakehal nk srh kami jadi cleaner lak ke?haiiihhh.sbr la badann.dh nasib~